Meteoric Zip Hoodie

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Upgrade your look with a ThinkLumi Zip Hoodie

This custom printed zip hoodie is amazing. With print on the inside and outside. You can sport your style in secret or show it off to the world. This is the coolest hoodie you will ever own.

Can you feel the sun shining through the clouds? It's a new day, it's a new dawn, it's a new life for you, and you're feeling good thanks to your new ThinkLumi zip hoodie.

Wear your favorite art on your sleeve

You know what's bomb? Wearing a hoodie that makes you stand out as the original you are. ThinkLumi hoodies are designed with artists and art-lovers in mind to ensure when you wear one you are the center of your own universe.

Prepare to be inundated in compliments and questions about where you got it, you're the art curator in your friend group now. Spill or keep it a secret, the choice is up to you.


100% polyester

Front zipper

Warm and comfy

Two side pockets, hood, & drawstrings

Super soft inner liner
Vibrant all-over print

Keep your imagination thriving and your heart emboldened

Here at Lumi we believe drudgery and monotony are things that must be fought, so we created the most imaginative and inspiring art and clothing you'll find anywhere online.

All of our art is created by digital artisan Lumi with the finest care and attention to detail so you can take pride in your purchase.

About the man behind the art

Lumi is a West Coast artist who creates luminous dreamscapes that have garnered international attention.

Focused on a mission of positivity and visual perfection, his canvas prints are not only a vibrant centerpiece to any space, but a way to keep imagination and awe alive in the every day bustle of life.


What size are you? Find out below.

SIZE (in)




XXS 49 41 60.5 61
XS 50 42 62.5 62
S 51 43 64.5 63
M 52 44 66.5 64
L 53 45 68.5 65
XL 54 46 70.5 66
2XL 55 47 72.5 67
3XL 56 48 74.5 68


Speak metric? Here's our sizes in centimeters.

SIZE (cm)




XXS 19.3 16.1 23.8 24
XS 19.7 16.5
24.6 24.4
S 20.1
25.4 24.8
M 20.5
26.2 25.2
L 20.9
27 25.6
XL 21.3
27.8 26
2XL 21.7
28.5 26.4
3XL 22
29.3 26.8