Netflix and Lumi Join Forces To Create Piece for New Show

Netflix and Lumi Join Forces To Create Piece for New Show

Today Netflix and Lumi revealed a new collaborative piece to promote their new show Love, Death + Robots, a cutting edge collection of animated science fiction short films that has made a huge splash in the art and entertainment space. Lumi describes the piece:

I was inspired to create a piece by an episode of @lovedeathandrobots, and what really stood out to me about the episode was the striking luminous aesthetics combined a powerful dark but futuristic tone that really intrigued me. Every shot of the show includes a powerful color palette and this visceral blacklight feeling that instills a sense of immersion and passion. The characters themselves have strong motivations and as the episode progresses you're able to put together more and more pieces of information about this world and about the characters. I wanted to try and create a still frame from that world that would not only match the aesthetics but showcase the tech used in the episode. 

See the piece below:

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